June 2018 Month In Pictures

It’s amazing how time flies.  I looked up and realized it’s late July and I never got around to posting pictures of my May month in travel.  Even though it’s late July I did want to post pictures from June since it represented fun time with my family as our summer travel got under way.

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Here’s What June Looked Like For The Pizza Family:

Catching A Glimpse Of A Lufthansa A350 With The New Paint Scheme

Mailboxes At The Magnolia Hotel

Boy, Is That Card HEAVY!

You can also read my thoughts on the new Frontier credit card and loyalty program.

Yes, Hanging Out Around Airplanes Is Cool

See You Later, Dulles!

I ran into some vintage airline posters in Buffalo, of all places.  In a car museum.  Go figure.

Shocker! The family went back to Disney

Disney knows how to do rides and experiences.  Food can sometimes be hit or miss.  The food at Satu’li Canteen is definitely colorful.  The blue drink is most definitely not Sangria, even though it’s billed as such.  The family wasn’t sure if the blueberry cream cheese mousse was hit or miss.

Disney World Animal Kingdom Pro Tip.  Do the Kilimanjaro Safari in the evening!  The animals get super close to the safari vehicles and can be much more active.

If you’re staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, make sure to catch when they feed the animals.  The viewing is awesome.

The family folded in a few days at Universal Studios as well.  Who knew I’d find the perfect new office furniture there?

This muggle thing is about to get real….

The family snuck away to Canada after the blistering heat of Orlando.  Along the way, we saw a phone booth.  How novel.

The Westin Montreal has one of the coolest hotel pools I can recall in recent memory. When you’re walking into the hotel, look up!  You can see the bottom of the pool.  The kids were excited to try it out!

View Through Glass Bottom Of Westin Montreal Pool

Look Up! Legs Of Someone Swimming At Westin Montreal

This little gem was found at Juliette & Chocolat, a local Montreal chain.  This “burger” has a cheesecake bun, dark chocolate slice of “cheese”, strawberries and a vanilla ice cream patty.  Cookie fries and raspberry “ketchup” round this one out.  #awesome

And, of course, no city stop would be complete without donuts.

And, what better ending than to focus on good parenting.  It appears I’ve trained my daughter well when it comes to packing for travel.  She clearly understands the proper carry-on!


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