My Top 10 Favorite Pictures From March 2018 (I’m Bad At Math)

I had a lot of fun looking back over the pictures I took from March, 2018.  There were a ton that I wanted to include.  But, I narrowed it down to 10.  Then, I added 10 for good measure.  I go back and forth on whether these should be the best quality pictures I take every month or my favorite.  Sometimes they’re one and the same.  These are my favorites and some are probably my best.

You can see my favorite pictures from February and previous months as well if you enjoy this post.

Black’s is one of my favorite BBQ joints in the country.  I recently had the chance to shoot down to Lockhart, TX to visit again and bring a friend who’d never been.  My cholesterol level suffered.  The rest of me didn’t.

Leaving Las Vegas and checking out the Wynn golf course before it gets demolished.

Flying Over The Rockies Headed Home

Our spring break trip took a bit of a curve before it even got started.  We ended up at South of the Border briefly on the 14-hour drive to Orlando to start our vacation.  While we were there, we hit Universal Studios, Legoland and Disney.  We were exhausted by the end of it, but had a ton of fun.  Here’s a sampling of pics from our trip.

And Night!

Green Eggs And Ham, Anyone?

Hogwarts Express! Love Black & White

A Panoramic View Of Universal Islands Of Adventure

So, The Dragon Is Supposed To Be Breathing Fire…..

The Light Show In Hogsmeade Was Actually Pretty Impressive

Charlie Loving Legoland

Would Love To Hang Out For The Day With The Master Builders

Smarter People Than Me Built This!

Tramp Kisses Lady. Just Missing The Spaghetti.

Not A Figment Of Your Imagination. But, A Figment.

I’ve been trying to get a great picture of the fireworks at Magic Kingdom from Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for a few years now.  Quite a few variables need to come together.  You need to be on the ride during the 10-15 minutes that the fireworks go off.  Not difficult, per se.  But, does take a bit of planning.  Then, you need to be going up the climb portion of the ride right when there’s the perfect set of fireworks.  Finally, you have to be skilled enough to take the picture.  2 out of 3 isn’t bad, and I got a bit lucky.

Love Those Fireworks!

Finally, a couple of snacks from the EPCOT Flower & Garden festival.  The pretzels were great and the “Honey-Mascarpone Cheesecake with Orange Blossom Honey Ice Cream garnished with Fennel Pollen Meringue Kisses” was pretty darn awesome.


The Final Two Pennies

I hope you enjoyed a quick peek into my March month of travel.  My goal is to have these around for my kids to look back on later in life.  In the interim, I’m having fun reliving the moments while I flip through the pictures.  Too often I think we snap a picture of something and then forget to look back.  I’m trying to do a bit more looking.

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