Great Deal On Universal Studios Hollywood Tickets Today Only!

Some people say Daily Getaways are dead.  There are less gems than there used to be.  But, I’m far from giving up on Daily Getaways.

Before we even get into the deal, let’s make sure I emphasize this is just for Universal Studios Hollywood.  Universal Studios Orlando is not included in this offer.  But, if Universal Studios Hollywood is on your radar, this offer can save you a bunch of cash.

The Offer

This year’s Daily Getaways Universal Studios offer is for 1-day Express Pass tickets for $130:

You’ll be entitled to admission for 1 person for 1 day.  And, you’ll be able to ride each attraction using the Express lines once.  That’s not super awesome for Harry Potter nuts, but it’s still a great price if you want to try everything once.  Plus, you can get there early in the morning to hit your favorites via the regular lines before they get too long.

Why Is This A Great Deal?

Universal Studios Hollywood normally charges between $179 and $259 for these Express passes.  When you want to travel matters (obviously).  Here’s a look at the price difference between June and July of this year:

Universal Studios Hollywood June Pricing

And, July

It’s important to note that these passes are blacked out for all of July and part of August.

But, here’s what they’re not blacked out for.  Spring break dates in 2019.  If you plan your vacations far ahead of time (paging Mommy Points).  Seriously, girl has a problem, planning stuff for 2020 last year.  This one is right up her alley.

I also took a look at Undercover Tourist.  They commonly feature deep discounts on Universal Studios tickets.  Their price for the same ticket is $165.  Daily Getaways is still over 20% cheaper than them.

The Final Two Pennies

People will tell you Daily Getaways aren’t worth your time.  Some of the deals aren’t worth it anymore, for sure.  This one is, especially if your family is into Harry Potter.  There are only 250 of these tickets for sale.  That means you’ll want to be ready a few minutes before 1pm ET today.  I don’t think this will be true “Hunger Games” style as some folks refer to Daily Getaways.  I would be surprised if tickets were still on sale after the first hour.

Happy Hunting!

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  1. If one misses this DG deal, Undercover Tourist sells same ticket for $165. Wait for the $20 off Amex offer and buy from UT for $145. Only $6 more but the expiration date on ticket will be later.

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