My Favorite Pictures From April 2018

Hiya! If you’re new here, I really enjoy taking pictures.  I don’t take pictures that are as good as my friend Andy.  But, I think I do okay.  More importantly (for me), I really enjoy piecing together these memories for our kids.

I used to do this on a monthly basis.  I started back on this trend a couple of months ago.  If you like this post, take a peek at March and February.

Here we go with April:

Starting the month out with a non-travel pic.  The kids are really into the movie Greatest Showman.  So much so, they’re performing it in the driveway.  They can be so cute when they get along….

Family Performance of Greatest Showman!

The quality of this picture isn’t great with the window glare.  But, I’m an aviation geek at heart and this was my first time spotting this particular Amazon/Cargolux livery.

Amazon, anyone?

Racing The Sun

The Rockies Always Make For Good Picture Taking!

Who knew there was a “real” Batmobile hanging out in Carson City, NV?

Batmobile Hanging Out At Carson City Golden Nugget

I love unique paint jobs on airplanes….

Southwest Colorado Livery. Love It!

Post on the way, but a quick snapshot of my night flight in the cheap seats on Frontier.  Saved the company $300!

Proof That I Fly In The Back Of The Bus To Save Money When It Makes Sense

When I saw this United plane, it seemed familiar.  Not sure I’ve ever flown it.  But, I do like the thought of designating an airplane to recognize your employees.

Ready for takeoff.  Always love this view.  So many adventures begin right after this on a daily basis.

Ready For Takeoff

Sunset Over Great Salt Lake

Racing Our Shadow

More Rockies, Because

You won’t find a ton of pictures of me around here.  I don’t actually believe people come here to see me.  But, here’s a cool one of Seattle in the background.

Hanging Out On Lake Washington With Seattle In The Background

Sunset At Lake Washington

Plane Porn, Unpainted Version

Museum Of Flight, Freddie Awards Style

After a long flight home and a race to Nationals Stadium, I got to see my daughter sing the national anthem with her school chorus on the field of a Major League Baseball game.  I can’t think of a better way to end a month.

Nationals Stadium To see Our Daughter Sing The National Anthem!

Bonus Content

My wife and I have been dating/married for just shy of 20 years now.  When we were younger, we would go visit baseball stadiums when we traveled around the country.  We always made a point to have someone take a picture of us up high overlooking the stadium.  I can’t say my wife is a huge baseball fan.  But, I loved seeing the stadiums and we loved the trips.  Kids interrupted our ability to do that easily for quite some time.  As we got ready to leave Nationals stadium a couple weeks ago, we got a chance to renew our tradition.  Call me sappy, but I love traditions.  I’m lucky to be celebrating this one again 20 years later.

Hope to see you next month with some more pictures.  Until then, stay tuned for travel news, tips and tricks!

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  1. I must be stupid but I cannot see the Amazon Cargolux livery. I only see Cargolux. Is there an Amazon name on the fuselage in small print? The box logo on the tail is the standard Cargolux logo.

  2. I am not an aviation geek, so would you tell me where you took the photos of the planes painted in green that appear to be near a waterway. There is a boat in the picture. I do enjoy your posts and photos.

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