Southwest Airlines Will Pay You 2,500 Points If You Wait In Security Too Long!

a plane on the runway

Southwest Airlines has announced a new program at Oakland Airport where you can earn 2,500 Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards points if you have to wait in the TSA PreCheck line longer than 10 minutes.

As reported by Chris McGinnis, Southwest wants to emphasize how easy it is to get through the airport.

According to Chief Revenue Officer Andrew Waterson:

“After 9/11, long- and medium-haul travel came back, but short-haul travel has never fully recovered. With PreCheck, ride sharing and other advances, the pain points of business travel are not what they used to be. We want to draw attention to that by making this guarantee,” he said. He believes the time is right for a “short-haul revival.”

a plane on the runway

The Final Two Pennies

I haven’t flown through Oakland Airport in quite some time.  Most of the airports I travel through have TSA PreCheck lines less than 10 minutes on average.  Denver, Atlanta and Chicago O’Hare strike me as a few that have consistently longer lines.  My guess is Southwest won’t be paying out a lot of points, although they do not that no proof of an extended wait is required.  They’re hoping news sources and folks like me think this approach is novel enough to write about.  They’re right.

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