BIG Discount On Orbitz Hotel Stay Today, But Only If You’re Quick (And Lucky)!

You’ll hear some bloggers refer to Daily Getaways as the “Hunger Games of Travel”.  Well, today’s deal is exactly that.

This is a fabulous deal where you can book a $1,000 hotel stay on Orbitz for $650.  Still not 100% sure how you save 45% on $1,000 when you pay $650, but that’s a matter for another day.

There are only 60 of these codes available and you need to use the code up in one booking.  Short of that, there aren’t too many thorny restrictions.  One key point to keep in mind is that this is for stand-alone hotel bookings.  Quoting from the T&C:

Qualifying Bookings: This coupon code discount applies only to stand-alone hotel bookings (not a hotel booking in combination with any other product such as flight hotel or flight hotel + car) made online at that are pre-paid at the time of booking (subject to the restrictions set out in the terms and conditions below).

The Final Two Pennies

Some folks lament that Daily Getaways has turned into feast or famine.  Some deals are so bad nobody wants to be a part of them.  Other are so good you have a small chance of scoring the deal.  I can’t argue with either of those points.  But, saving money on travel sometimes takes a bit of elbow grease.  And, you won’t need much time here to find out if you’re lucky enough to score a voucher.  They’ll sell out quickly.  So, maybe 5 minutes or so of clicking refresh?

You’ll want to be ready at 1pm ET, or maybe even a minute or two earlier.  If you really want to score one of these certificates and don’t grab one right when they go on sale, hang around for a few minutes.  Some other persons misfortune (browser crash, internet glitch) etc may be your good fortune when they can’t complete their transaction.

Happy hunting!

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  1. I snagged one of these packages last year. The biggest limitations are: (1) you have to spend the entire $1000 value at a single hotel, and (2) you have to choose a room that is prepaid/non-refundable (it cannot be used for a room that is marked as “no credit card needed, pay at hotel”).

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