Today Only: Half-Price Car Rentals With Alamo

Daily Getaways is featuring $50 Alamo Car Rental certificates for $25 today at 1pm ET.  Even though there are 2,000 of these available I doubt they’ll last long.

This is one of those Daily Getaways deals I’m a bit conflicted on each year.  On one hand, 50% off a car rental is a pretty sweet deal.  On the other, I’ve heard from a few folks who had less than stellar experiences with Alamo.  I think as long as you don’t have lofty expectations, this one can be a good deal for you.

The Final Two Pennies

Even though the limit is 3 per person, I think you should be able to snag more of these if you use more than one name/e-mail/browser to close your transactions.  I’ve done that successfully with Daily Getaways in the past.  Discount hunters will be hungry for this one.  If you want to snag this deal, you’ll need to be ready right at 1pm ET.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t grab them right away.  With 2,000 certificates up for grabs, there will be plenty of folks who don’t complete their purchase.  Just keep hitting refresh and you’ll be rewarded with a cheap car rental.

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  1. I nabbed a bunch of these last year. The surprise for me was that they can be used only in USA and Canada. We had planned to use them overseas but the details, not revealed or noticed by me until after the purchase, squelched that idea. Still they have no expiration date and we got fabulous value from them when we finally used them.

    The best deals are using them at small locales where competition is scanty. We used ours for National Park trips (Kalispell airport near Glacier NP) and Bar Harbor airport near Acadia. Both of those trips were on big holiday weekends so there were no other deals available.

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