$200 Round-Trip Cheap Flights To The Caribbean, Passenger Raped In-Flight And Dismissed By Airline

Cheap Flight of the Day:

Southwest and JetBlue both have really good fare sales going on right now.  The Southwest one was already supposed to have ended, but is extended through tomorrow.

$200 round-trip flights to the Caribbean are also pretty darn good.

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Passenger raped on airplane offered $5,000 by airline as a nuisance settlement.  Is doing the right thing this difficult?  SMH

Would you pay 2 million points for a free night at a hotel?

Spend a dollar, get 1,000-ish miles.  These are the types of things that families and non-road warriors need to take advantage of to stack up points.

I’ve wondered what the rental car insurance coverage is like on some of the premium credit cards.  This is the first report I can recall seeing from someone I know.

Another video of United Airlines treating customers poorly.

United Airlines load ANOTHER dog on the wrong plane.  Their solution?  They diverted the entire plane of passengers to drop the dog off in the right place.  This is after a dog died earlier this week when a passenger was instructed to put the dog in the overhead bin by a flight attendant.

Southwest is giving away 1 million Rapid Rewards points if you live in California.  If you don’t, you can still win 100,000.

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  1. Almost embarrassed to complain, as I love your blog, but the link above for Complete Sticker Shock About Universal Orlando goes to a different (Grand Canyon) link feel free to delete the comment. I hate to be the whiny reader that bitches in the face of your generously sharing your experience.

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