Another Video Of United Airlines Treating Customers Poorly

It’s been almost a year since the infamous dragging incident on United Airlines flight 3411.  It seems like there’s a daily story about an incident here or there that could have been prevented.  You would think that the repeated stories would lead the airlines, which are service organizations, to find ways to prevent them.

The latest version of airline customer service gone wrong, Groundhog Day edition, looks something like this:

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There are actually two videos.  Hit the arrow on the right to view the second one.

Why Does This Still Happen?

When Oscar Munoz, CEO of United Airlines, said he wanted to do better after the dragging incident, I believed him.  It’s hard to fathom that anyone would want to continue operating a business where employees feel like they have license to pick fights with customers.  And, over some pretty silly issues.  Even if the bag doesn’t fit (it clearly does), there’s no reason for the sort of behavior the employee displays.

I’m sure Mr. Munoz doesn’t condone such behavior.  How do the airlines stop it from happening?  There are plenty of large companies that have employees who deliver great customer service.  The unions could be part of the issue.  However, Southwest has unions as well and seems to surface in a lot less of these types of stories.  The airlines promote great service in commercials and safety videos, but those efforts fall short in real life.

The Final Two Pennies

There’s clearly still a culture problem at United.  Some employees feel like this behavior is acceptable.  This employee shouldn’t be in a customer-facing job, at least not without completing some additional customer service training.  Maybe there are elements of their contract that prevent the airline from moving the employee elsewhere, I can’t say for sure.

Bad customer service employees need to be removed to reinforce why good employees should continue delivering great customer service.

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  1. If everyone would just check all luggage, there wouldn’t be any problems and room for the bags with necessities, such as medications. Looks to me like this bag could have been stuffed under the seat. Get rid of the damn flowers. People are allergenic to them, then there probably wouldn’t have been the problem with the bag.

    Before anyone says something, NO, I NEVER carry on anything but my purse….large enough, but still small, to put my iPad in it. I hate carrying anything.

    Rules are rules, folks. FOLLOW THEM.

    1. Melody, the airlines are a big part of why we have a carry-on problem. When they started charging for checked bags they encouraged people to take as much onboard with them as they can to save money.

  2. What a schmuck. At least the second guy could see this was clearly not an issue. The first guy should be reprimanded with his “here’s my badge in your face”… what a d*ck.

  3. Is it really a united thing or is it rather a US thing where everybody working at the airport has the patriots excuse to harass or threaten people?

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