Cheap Flights To South America!

I haven’t seen a ton of exciting low fares in 2018.  When cheap flights have popped up they’re usually to Europe.  Don’t get me wrong, I love cheap flights to Europe.  But, like me, you probably like variety in your (travel) life.

This morning, The Flight Deal has the details on a $340 round-trip flight to Quito, Ecuador.

ETA: Boston joins the list of cities today with Cheap Flights To South America

I really don’t see South America flight deals pop up very often.  This one is from Baltimore on American Airlines.  There are routing options through both DFW and Miami.  This is not a Basic Economy fare, which means you’ll have a reasonable baggage allowance and be able to earn frequent flier miles on the fare.


The Final Two Pennies

I always stress that you shouldn’t look at any fare sale as “Baltimore to Ecuador”.  Baltimore is a Southwest hub.  It’s pretty easy to find a cheap flight there for positioning on something like this.  Ecuador is on my list of places I haven’t reached yet.  All my friends that have explored it enjoyed the trip.  And, there are plenty of flights from Ecuador to other exciting destinations in South America.

Cheap flights like this one tend to go quickly.  Remember that virtually every flight that originates or ends in the US comes with a 24-hour cancellation policy.  If you think you might want to book this, you’re better off buying it and cancelling tomorrow if you change your mind.  Just make sure you note the cancellation time.  American Airlines usually uses midnight in the time zone you purchased the ticket.

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  1. Basic Economy fares have never restricted the earning of frequent flyer miles. They only affect the earning of elite qualification miles/segments/dollars. Therefore, your statement above is false.

    1. Daniel, no need to burn the building down. It was just a general comment about Basic Economy fares being more restrictive. I decided not to detail all the pluses and minuses of Basic Economy there since it’s not a post about BE.

      1. It’s immature of you to accuse me of burning the building down for attempting to correct blatantly false information on your blog. Just because blogs are held to a lower standard than traditional media doesn’t mean that you can publish such misleading information in order to highlight the attractiveness of this fare to South America. If this is not a post about BE (as you claim), then take out your blatantly false statement about BE and just highlight the low fare on its own.

  2. Yes, thank God for readers like Daniel, what a shame u basically paraphrased a statement that didn’t need to be made to keep it short, and to keep the attention of your readers since readers nowadays have such long attention spans as we all know. Obviously the standards of traditional media is at an all time high and I’m glad that traditional media only cares about reporting facts and would never over-dramatize stories, twist reality, and go for shock value just for ratings. The best thing is that Daniel now feels much better now that he put someone else down and tried to make himself seem much more intelligent since he obviously badly needs that in his life, so you did make somebody really happy. Anyway, great article, it was to the point and we’ve been talking about going to Ecuador and because of this, there’s a good chance we’ll switch our big trip this year out for Ecuador, thanks!

  3. So, my only question is why the blogger is using a picture from India in an article about fares to South America?

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