10 Great Photos From 2017

I can recall a time where I used to carry around two 35mm camera shells when I traveled.  I’d keep one loaded with color film and the other black & white.  Wherever my wife and I went (she was my girlfriend at the time) I would snap tons of pictures.  For you young folks, we used to have to take the film to a store to have it developed.

Fast forward more than a decade and pictures are geared much more to a digital world. Someone can take a picture and immediately send it to thousands, even millions of people.  I try to take great pictures with my iPhone.  But, there are folks out there taking much better pictures than me.

My friend and fellow travel blogger Andy from Andy’s Travel Blog is one of those guys.  I won’t get into the weeds on what sort of camera or lenses he uses, I’d just sound ignorant.  Instead, I’ll refer you to his 10 best pics of 2017.  Here’s a sample of one:

I love this picture.  See the rest of his top 10 pics of 2017.  They’re worth a minute of your time.

The Final Two Pennies

I plan to pull together my 10 best pics of 2017 shortly.  They won’t be as nice as Andy’s, but they’ll be what I enjoyed the most.  I need to spend more time looking back at those pictures.  The kids grow up way too quickly.

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