Amazon Echo Products On Sale For Black Friday Weekend

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Keep an eye on my Black Friday weekend post for a list of deals I’m keeping an eye on.

The Amazon Echo line of products has expanded quite a bit over the past few years.  I started with the original Echo, which has seen a complete change now with a new version.  As an early adopter, I liked the product, though I wasn’t in love with it.  Since then, they’ve continued to add features that make these more valuable.

If you’re just looking for straight out great sound quality, I think you’re better off with a Bose speaker.  However, if you’re looking for good sound quality and a host of other functions, these might be for you:

Echo Dot On Sale For $29.99

These intrigue me.  The price is low enough to put a handful in key places.  But, if you want good audio, you need to pair it with a speaker?  Normally $49.99.

Amazon Echo Products Sale

Newly Redesigned Echo Is On Sale For $79.99

This is a lot less than I paid for mine.  The reviews I read lead me to believe the sound quality is better than my unit.  Great price!

Amazon Echo Products Sale

Echo Plus For $119.99

This is a new device.  It comes with a Zigbee hub if you’re putting together a smart home.  It also comes with a Phillips Hue bulb which run about $20.  The Echo Plus is normally $149.99.  I haven’t been tracking prices to know if this is the lowest price on it.

Amazon Echo Products Sale

Echo Spot For $129.99????

This is a new device that seems to be like the Echo Show, only smaller.  This is another one that intrigues me.  I’m guessing this will be what my kids refer to as a “house phone”.  I like the price and form factor better than the Echo Show.  Still not sure I’m a buyer today, but I’m insanely interested to try one.

Amazon Echo Products Sale

Echo Show For $179.99

I’ve seen this as low as $199.99 on special.  I kinda feel like the screens on these are too small for much else than video calls or something else simple.  I don’t think I’m watching TV on them, so I think I’d lean Echo Spot.  But, it is the lowest price I’ve seen for those hunting for one.

Amazon Echo Products Sale

The Final Two Pennies

I added this link to my master Black Friday sale post from yesterday.  It looks like a lot of these offers are still valid, so I’ll keep updating throughout the weekend.  Bookmark it and check it periodically through the end of Cyber Monday.

These are all the lowest prices I’ve seen on the Echo/Alexa family.  I’m still not quite sure I’m the target demographic here.  But, the devices do intrigue me.  And, I keep trying to figure out ways to use the Echo to save time.  Happy hunting!


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