Amazon Echo Can Now Check You In For Your Flight

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Amazon Echo is something of an interesting device.  When I first got it, I thought it could be something pretty cool.  It needed some work, but the concept seemed to be a popular theme for the future.

Since the launch, they’ve added a number of features.  There hasn’t been too much groundbreaking.  You can order an Uber or a pizza, though I confess I haven’t tried to do either.

Jason Rabinowitz reports there’s something useful for travelers newly available:

The Final Two Pennies

I like what United is doing here.  Admittedly, the information being offered here isn’t very valuable to me personally.  I keep abreast of this sort of data on a regular basis (nerd).  But, for occasional or even regular travelers, this is a cool little feature to take advantage of.  I’ll have to play around with this a bit the next time I need to check-in for a flight and see how it performs.

Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo

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  1. Why does this SO NOT EXCITE me? BA is testing Alexa now at LHR T5 for questions. I think it’s also a very strange idea. Can’t post a picture here, but I did in the FB BAEC Group I admin. Trying to put together a geeky update on Alexa at Wynn Las Vegas, since there has been little mention since the announcements in December 2016.

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