Settling Up On A Bet

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I love New York.  Born and raised there, I relate well to many of the things I grew up with.  Fresh bagels.  Real fresh bagels.  Good pizza.  Chinese food.  My favorite Italian restaurant.  Being able to use your horn while driving without getting weird looks.

I don’t have anything against the New York Rangers.  I’m a Pistons fan, not a Knicks fan.  I’ll always be a New York Giants Fan.  And, I’m a New York Yankee.  Through and through.

When the New York Yankees beat the Cleveland Indians, I knew it was time for a very visible bet with a Houston Astros fan.  And, who better than my good friend Summer, who writes the blog Mommy Points.

The loser would have to dress up in the winning team’s gear and post it on both of our blogs and on social media. Game on!

Well, my Yankees fought hard but lost to the incredible starting pitching of the Astros. And so, my daughter helped me make this short video so I could settle my bet.

I only have a handful of friends who are Astros fans, but I wish you all luck in the World Series. It’s hard to say who the better team is, Astros or Dodgers.  They both had really great years.  I did hear some Astros fans crowing about how the Yankees buy championships (I can think of one good friend who lives in North Texas).

If the Astros go on to win the World Series, there is one thing worth noting. Given the number of wins Verlander has notched through the playoffs and the fact that McCann is a starter (and Beltran will likely figure more prominently in the games played at Minute Maid), the Astros are using the same formula the Yankees, and a lot of other teams, use, to win.

The Astros have done a great job building a rotation and a young group of hitters. Now, they’ve augmented that with some veterans brought in this year to take them over the top. They’re 3 wins away, and their fans are justifiably filled with excitement.

The Yankees look poised to be in the same situation next year with a crop of very talented young players.  We could see a reprisal of this bet again next year!

The Final Two Pennies

As I mentioned to Summer, I’m incredibly thankful that she didn’t choose something bright orange and yellow to celebrate the, um, classic Astros colors.

Instead, I got a Houston Strong shirt, which represents all the folks working hard to put Houston back together after the horrific flooding.  It’s a good reminder I need to visit Summer more often.  You see, I’m neither exceedingly tall nor exceedingly wide.  It’s okay, though.  After settling the bet, this t-shirt can have a second life as a night gown for my daughter.

a man standing in front of a fireplaceSettling Bet

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