Wait? They Actually Made The Motorized, Rideable Suitcase????

Some of you know that my day job involved evaluating and investing in start-up companies.  We have a phrase we use all too often, “vapor-ware”.  It’s meant to describe a product that isn’t really real, or an idea that might become real someday but isn’t right now.

When I saw a motorized, rideable suitcase at CES earlier this year, I quickly put it in the vapor-ware category in my head.

I took video of it standing there in a booth during CES:

And yet, according to Your Mileage May Vary, the suitcases are shipping….

The suitcases are available to purchase at a discount.  Normally $1,500 each, you can get one for just $1,295.  Or, take advantage of their co-pilots offer and get two for $2,550.  What are you waiting for?  Stop reading this post and go order!

The world has officially gone bat&$$t crazy.

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  1. I’ll take “ways to instantly lose the respect of every person that sees you” for $500, Alex!

    I suppose if you have some kind of medical condition it could make sense, but for anyone else…

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