My Favorite Suitcase Is On Sale Today For The Lowest Price I’ve Seen

Regular readers of my blog will already know I’m a big Briggs & Riley fan.  Their lifetime warranty really is a LIFETIME warranty (more on that in a bit).  My favorite Briggs suitcase is on sale today for the lowest price I can recall seeing.

The Briggs & Riley Transcend Domestic Carry-On Expandable Upright is on sale on Amazon for $285.


Briggs Riley SaleThat’s about $15 cheaper than the really great price a few of my readers took advantage of just a couple of weeks ago.  This doesn’t appear to be a “Deal of the Day”.  Rather, this seller looks to only have a few left (in both red and black) and may be looking to move that last inventory. None of the other Briggs & Riley gear I carry is on sale, so I’m suspecting it’s just a one-off.  But, if you missed out on the last sale (or just weren’t sure) now you have another chance.

Why This Bag?

Briggs & Riley has a fantastic warranty.  No matter how your bag gets broken they’ll fix it for free.  That includes if the airline messes it up.  And, if they can’t fix it, they’ll give you a new one.

I have the red version.  It sticks out in an overhead bin and the (very) rare times I check my bag.  I just had the “do I check my bag” debate with you guys recently when I let the airlines take it from me on a recent flight.  It arrived just fine.  But, if it had been damaged, I know Briggs would have covered me.

My current Briggs bag has way over 1 million miles on it and counting.  It carries everything I throw at it.  Heck, for years, my kids would ride on the suitcase while I pulled them through the airport.


Briggs Riley Sale

Yes, My Briggs Holds Two Kids!

It’s worth noting that my bag is a bit bigger than domestic airline carry-on bag sizers.  As my friend Tommy says , “It’s big”.  I’ve only been stopped once or twice on literally many hundreds of flights.  For the most part, it blends in just fine.  I even managed to bring it on a few Lufthansa intra-Europe flights.  That did earn me a bit of a stink-eye look from a flight attendant.  I might not attempt this if I were you!

Anyway, happy shopping!  The Amazon links above are referral links. If you end up buying something through one of my links, I earn a bit of a commission.  For that, I’m always thankful!

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    1. James, 3 times over the course of the last 8 years-ish. Once, I ripped the net (my fault). Another time I broke a wheel. Both of those were handled by local repair shop. Easy, had bag back in a couple days. I had a problem with the handle last year and sent it to repair shop. They found a few other things wrong with it that I hadn’t noticed (plastic interior frame was cracked, I couldn’t see it). Took about 10 days, bag back as good as new.

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