Awesome Cheap Flight Deal To Athens!

Greece is a tough destination to get to cheaply.  Rarely do I see cheap fares to Athens.  And, mileage seats are tough to come by.  When I see cheap Athens fares pop up, they’re news as far as I’m concerned.

God Save The Points is reporting about a $392 round-trip fare from New York to Athens.  Since this is an Emirates fare, there is one catch.  You have to buy two tickets.

Emirates has offered a two-fer occasionally in the past.  They’re usually pretty darn good deals.

Athens is a lovely place.  We had an incredible trip there a couple years ago.


The view from the Arion Resort in Athens

The Final Two Pennies

Don’t think of a New York to Athens fare sale as “New York to Athens”, or any other two city pairs for that matter.  Think of it as “US to Europe”.  Use cheap flights or miles and points to cover that last leg to your dream destination.  Similarly, when fares are this cheap, leverage your points to save on hotel rooms to give yourself a truly affordable trip to Europe.  New York is a cheap big city to get to.  Athens is a bit tougher to re-position from.

Cities like Athens aren’t as centrally located but you can still get around.  In less than a 3-hour flight gets you to all kinds of interesting places, like Paris, London, Germany and Amsterdam. We did Paris as the second part of our two-week Europe trip.  It was an easy transit, and fairly affordable.

This is an easy one for me.  Don’t think too hard about this one.  If you’re on the fence, consider buying the tickets and thinking about it overnight.  You have 24 hours after booking to cancel because the flight originates in the US.

I’ve never flown coach on Emirates.  God Save The Points actually speaks highly about it.  I’ve had others do the same.  While I prefer the pointy end of the plane, it’s hard to beat prices like this for such a broad range of dates.  The fare looks to be available through May of next year.  Keep in mind that if you’re heading for the outer isles of Greece, many of those areas button up quite a bit in the colder months.

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  1. OUTSTANDING! This is a no-brainer, thanks so much for posting. FWIW, pricing is the same through AMEX Travel, so I booked there and earned 5x points on the purchase as well. Can’t wait to get back to Athens!

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