Lowest Prices For Amazon Fire Tablets Today Only!

Amazon Prime Day is under way!  If you’re unfamiliar with Prime Day, it’s sorta like Christmas in July.  It’s an Amazon-created holiday where they discount thousands of items on their site.  Last year, the pricing was as good or better than many Black Friday deals.

I have a master post with all the deals I’ve referenced for this year’s sale.  Check this page for all the current deals I’ve written about.  I’ll be updating it throughout Prime Day.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial.  There’s no obligation and it gives you access to free shipping on all of these Prime deals. I love Amazon Prime for the shipping, including free same-day!  I ordered a book for my daughter, some sunscreen and Neosporin at 11:45am today and it was on my doorstep by 7pm.

All of the Amazon Fire tablets are on sale today and some of them represent phenomenal deals:

Amazon Fire 7 Tablets starting at $29.99

This is a few bucks cheaper than last year’s Black Friday pricing.  I reviewed a previous version of the Amazon Fire tablet about 18 months ago and was really impressed.  And, it’s $5 cheaper now!

Amazon Fire 8 Tablets starting at $49.99

Amazon Fire Tablets

This is a faster tablet than the Fire 7 with a bigger hard drive.  It’s normally $79.99.  I haven’t tracked the pricing on this closely, so I can’t say with certainty it’s the lowest price ever.  But, given the other prices being featured today, I gather it is.

And, if that’s not good enough, get a 3-pack of Amazon Fire 8 tablets for $119.97.

Now, I’m an iPad guy.  I think they’re a much better machine than the Amazon Fire tablet.  And, I like the App Store more than Android’s version.  But, an iPad is hundreds of dollars.  If you don’t have a tablet now (or are looking for a cheap one for your kids), it’s hard to go wrong with these.  Which brings us to…..

The Amazon Fire Kids tablets are pretty interesting as well.  They come with a guarantee from Amazon to replace it if your kids break it.

The Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition is $69.99

The newer Amazon Fire 8 Kids Edition is $89.99 (additional $30 discount if you buy 3 or more)

Amazon Fire Tablets




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