BIG Anker Battery On Sale For A Great Price Today Only!

Amazon Prime Day is under way!  If you’re unfamiliar with Prime Day, it’s sorta like Christmas in July.  It’s an Amazon-created holiday where they discount thousands of items on their site.  Last year, the pricing was as good or better than many Black Friday deals.

I have a master post with all the deals I’ve referenced for this year’s sale.  Check this page for all the current deals I’ve written about.  I’ll be updating it throughout Prime Day.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial.  There’s no obligation and it gives you access to free shipping on all of these Prime deals. I love Amazon Prime for the shipping, including free same-day!  I ordered a book for my daughter, some sunscreen and Neosporin at 11:45am today and it was on my doorstep by 7pm.

There’s an Amazon Prime Day deal for a monster Anker battery right now.

It’s a 26,800 mAh battery with 3 charging ports and two inputs.  I don’t have a battery that big.  But, now that I’ve seen it, I kinda want one!

Anker BatteryI’ve been carrying Anker batteries for 3 or 4 years now and have yet to have one fail.

I did some pretty extensive testing of various sizes in case you’re wondering how well they work.  As I mentioned above, I don’t have a 26,800 mAh.  My go-to is a 20,000 mAh.  I’ll sometimes pack a smaller one if I don’t want the extra weight in my pocket.

Anker batteries remain the most reliable that I’ve owned.  I’m testing one other brand right now that I might start recommending as well, but not quite there yet.

This is a great price for this size battery.  I paid ~$40 for a 25% smaller battery.

Oh, and for those folks who routinely roast me for bashing the Fuel Rod, especially at the $30 Disney pricing, this is a whole lot more battery than a Fuel Rod.  Like, 10X times more.  Don’t bother finding a charging station to keep swapping out your battery.  Just buy a good one.

I was hoping more of the Anker gear would go on sale today, but those deals haven’t materialized.  I’ll keep my eye out.



  1. This was actually one of the Deals of the Day yesterday also. I had posted it and meant to buy it and totally forgot so was thrilled to see it back up today! I already grabbed one as that will be perfect for iphone, ipad, and camera!
    Another note from a very satisfied Anker user! 🙂

  2. i use a big anker battery pack like this one for charging around the house, especially on my bedside table at night — not so practical for carrying around on travels (for that i use the candy-size one), but this is great for charging in the house. love all anker chargers!

  3. Unfortunately most of the prime deals are a fraud. Its just to get rid of old unwanted inventory. Heck the anker battery advertised here is so old, it doesnt even support quick charge. We are at quick charge 3.0 right now. Which is amazing. You can charge your phone to 80 percent in about 20 minutes. With this one probably not even in 2 hours.
    I just bought the anker 26800 battery with quick charge 3.0 and a wall charege with quick charge 3.0 for about doulbe the price but 3 generations more advanced charging technologies. I assume 1 quick charge eveolution per year, so means this piece is more than 3 years old when it got first introduces. Who ever owns an iOS device is probably fine with it, as far as i know they dont support quick charge, they have their own technology… which probably costs 200 bucks just for some one to use/per device.

    1. Peter, I’m not sure how the quick charge stuff works with iOS devices. Personally, charging time isn’t a big deal to me. That being said, I agree there was a lack of great deals this year.

      1. Yeah I agree, I havent found anything I could use. And it showed kinda fake prices as well. Like 80 off because it usually costs a 100 bucks now you get it for 20 but without primeday it costs 21. So the 80 off is just from a made up number. If you google the same product you get it for around 21 in other stores. The numbers are only an example just to get a better understanding. I didnt see a “deal” anywhere. Well I also didnt spent countless hours to find one 😉 I saw a lot of outdated stuff being sold like the battery here and other things. There is probably someone who could use these things but no real deals 🙁

        1. Peter, I thought many of the Amazon-produced goods (Echo, tablets) were at pretty darn good prices. The 50% off Tumi stuff was a good discount for Tumi even if I’m not a fan of the brand. So, not all failures.

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