Cheap Fares To Asia And A First-Hand Look At An Airplane Evacuation

Cheap Flight Of The Day:

As of late last night these $279 China fares were still alive and kicking!

$550 round-trip flights to Hong Kong

And, a handful of US cities to Bangkok for roughly $550.

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A first-hand account of evacuating from a plane fire.  Scary stuff.  I’ve never had to be part of a real-llife evacuation.  That’s one “first” I’m not trying to notch.

Pretty crazy footage of the Asiana crash from a few years back that I hadn’t seen.

American Airlines tweaks their process for voluntarily denied boarding.

$75 Best Buy gift card and $75 discount when you turn in any laptop (as long as it’s working).

Save up to 40% booking United Airlines awards to Hawaii.

TSA still failing to detect 94% of all tests for fake threats.

10 reasons you’re packing too much!



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