WHOA! Cheap Flights To China Under $300 Round-Trip(Ish)

This one requires a little bit of work, but it’s not overly difficult to piece together.  There are sub-$300 tickets from a handful of US cities to China.

They’re kind of round-trip.  You originate in the US, hit Beijing or Shanghai, then return to…Canada.  Bear with me a second.

Nick from Frequent Miler shares the details.

This is where your stash of frequent flier miles comes into play.  Let’s just say you live in San Francisco.  You buy a ticket to Beijing, returning to Vancouver.  12,500 United Airlines MileagePlus miles will get you a one-way ticket from Vancouver to San Francisco.  Those miles come at a price, but still make up a really cheap trip to China.

The other potential plus here is the fact the fare terminates in some pretty cool cities.  Since you’re responsible for that last one-way leg home, maybe you can choose to spend a few days in Vancouver (one of my favorite cities).


It’s important to note that this fare has some problems with the normal fuel surcharges that you would see.  You’re not breaking any laws booking these tickets.  However, the airlines might say it was a mistake and attempt to cancel the fares.  The best bet here is to wait a few days after booking to make sure the airlines will honor this fare.

Finally, remember that you have 24 hours from booking any flight that departs/originates in the US in which to cancel for free.

They totally rock and offer my readers a $5 discount on any Visa or Passport needsNOTE: You will need a Visa if you plan to stay in China.  I’ve always used Allied Passport for my needs.  .

Read up on the 72-hour transit VisaThere is one small exception to the Chinese Visa policy that I’m aware of.

Thanks to dhammer for reminding me about the Visa requirements in the comments below.

This one is from last night.  I just checked and there are still flights available at these prices.  I don’t expect them to be there for long.

Happy hunting!


  1. In case you don’t know (readers), there’s a Visa fee to enter China. I’d book this, but we’re already booked to SIN in coach on the $343 fare. My wife would kill me if we did 2 trips to Asia in the back.

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