British Airways Cancels Flights, Heathrow Is A Mess

a row of airplanes parked on a runway

Major airline meltdowns have happened to the major US carriers at least occasionally over the past year or so.  However, I don’t recall too many epic technology failures across the Atlantic.  That changed today.  A technical issue lead British Airways to cancel all their flights at both London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports.

It started as a delay until later in the afternoon and developed into a full-fledged cancellation of everything.  Early reports are that this was a technical issue and that British Airways wasn’t the victim of a cyber attack.

Some of the pictures from Heathrow are, as expected, a bit crazy.




As Kevin notes in his blog post, be sure to claim reimbursement for any expenses you insure as a result of the meltdown.  As another friend of mine noted, if you really need to get somewhere, consider the Chunnel to Paris and a flight from there.

Recent experience has shown us this will take a few days to get back to normal.  At this point British Airways is ready to resume flying.  Important note, they haven’t said everything is ready to go just yet.  Flights are so full that it’ll take a while to get everyone where they need to go after this mess.

Good luck to folks trying to get to where they’re going.

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  1. A co-worker and I were meeting in Seoul for a business meeting, he from London and me from Boston. He spent 16 hours in Heathrow today, 8 before he decided to abandon the trip and go back home, and then another 8 to clear customs back and attempt to get his checked luggage back – which never happened, he gave up and went home with no bags. Now he’s booked an expensive last minute flight tomorrow on Korean Airlines but still unclear how BA will handle the reimbursement/refund. What a mess all around. I feel like a chump complaining that my SWU didn’t clear on DFW-ICN.

  2. This is not the first time for an IT breakdown for BA under the new ownership. Cheap product and cheap practices will always fail…it is criminal to see the depths that BA has sunk…

  3. Didn’t I see a tweeted response today with your enthusiastic “I gotta get to London”? Hmmm. What hath you wrought? 😉


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