Business Travel: Hunger Games Style

Some folks thinks it’s cool that I travel for a living. They think it would be fun to be a business traveler. But, the last few years have been anything but fun as a business traveler.

Prices have gone up, and that’s nowhere near the worst of it. Planes are full, airlines are taking away amenities.  So, is elite status still worth it?

My friend Scott Mayerowitz from The Associated Press teamed up with one of his colleagues to compare road warrior status with the infrequent traveler:

If you’re more of a reader, you can see the full write-up here.

Is There A Difference?

Traveling with status is absolutely better than without.  However, the big difference is that most of the perks can be obtained by holding a few key credit cards.  You can’t get all the best goodies that way.  But credit cards will help bridge the gap on things like checked bag fees and priority boarding.

First class upgrades when you fly aren’t quite as rare as a unicorn, but they are an endangered species.  The moral of the story here is that the travel experience is better with these perks.  Some of that is because the basic experience has gotten worse in the past few years.

Isn’t it great to be a business traveler?

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