Today Only: Save On Hawaii Vacations

Today’s Daily Getaways are discounted Fairmont hotel stays in Hawaii and San Francisco.

If you’re new to Daily Getaways, think of this as “Vacations For Real People” (or vacations for normal people). It’s no secret that I love showing my family the world. I took my wife and daughter to Paris a few years ago for Valentine’s Day on a long weekend, but we’re just as likely to pile into the car and drive up to HersheyPark. We prefer to travel to places like Italy and Greece to explore the culture, but those trips aren’t accessible to everyone.

Even though I preach the strategy of earning miles to just about everyone I meet (sorry, for those of you tired of hearing me babble on), most folks aren’t trying to fly First Class in an apartment to the Middle East. Or pop over to Sydney for a long weekend. We decided to head down to the Fort Myers area in Florida last year for spring break and were surprised to find at least a dozen of our friends from Virginia had chosen the same destination as us.

Some drove, some flew, none of them stayed at a St. Regis, Ritz or Four Seasons. For that group, which are the normal folks, Daily Getaways can represent a significant value. Not all deals will, but there are still plenty of savings to be had.

Let’s take a look at today’s deals:

6-night Hawaii Vacation For $2,178

3 nights at Fairmont San Francisco for $834

There are two properties in Hawaii.  The Fairmont Kea Lani is located in Maui, while Fairmont Orchid is on the Big Island.

The Fairmont Hawaii deal is interesting. You get 6 one-night certificates that also come with breakfast for 2. I’m not too familiar with the Fairmont properties in Hawaii.  I did a bit of research and I think YMMV.  Fairmont Orchid is currently offering 20% off their daily rate or “Fifth Night Free With Breakfast”.  The 20% off rates average between $350 and $400 plus resort fee and tax on the cheapest of days.  It’s unclear whether the certificates cover the resort fee, though I assume they cover taxes.

Fairmont Kea Lani offers 5th night free but doesn’t seem to offer breakfast with that package.  Their average lowest rates are $500 a night, with prices much higher than that.  Breakfast included rates are usually $600 a night or better.

$2,178 total works out to $363 a night.  That means you’re taking a bit of a chance with Fairmont Orchid but should be able to get a screaming deal at Kea Lani.

I don’t see blackout dates but I’m guessing there are some. I’m hoping a reader who purchased this auction in the past will pipe in with experience on how the redemption process of Ovation certificates works.

The San Francisco package strikes me as a solid deal across the board.  Rates there are consistently $300 or better a night, and sometimes much higher.  Breakfast included rates are higher still, making an average rate of $278 with the Daily Getaways offer a good deal.  And, since the 3 certificates can be split up into smaller stays they’re more flexible.

The Final Two Pennies

I wouldn’t buy this offer totally on speculation, but it would be hard to lose more on it.  You might only save a moderate amount at the Orchid if you picked the cheapest dates.  Bigger savings at Kea Lani and Fairmont San Francisco are virtually guaranteed.

I’ve never stayed at either of the Hawaii properties but I have stayed at Fairmont San Francisco.  Even when the property was a bit rundown years ago, I still enjoyed the history and location of the property.  It’s a sentimental favorite for me.

Happy hunting today if you’re going for one of these packages!

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