How To Take A Helicopter To JFK, Visiting Gotham City And Cheap Flights To Europe

Here’s what I’m reading about in the world of miles and points:

Cheap Flights of the Day:

I wrote about cheap flights to Europe from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Newark, Philadelphia, Boston and Miami last night. They seem to be still hanging around.

In Case You Missed It:

Verizon Wireless Changes Their International TravelPass.  With A Sledgehammer

Airlines Are Taking Away More Legroom

Congress Threatens To Weigh In If Airlines Don’t Improve Customer Service

Who Are The Best Airlines And Hotel Chains?

You’ve gotta read this.  A senior in high school got to interview the CEO of one of the largest airlines in the world.

Not every airline is cutting flights to Havana.  Find out who’s expanding, which may mean low fares or mileage seats!

Here’s how you request a lobster roll and macarons for your flight.  Laduree is good, though I’m partial to Pierre Herme.

Helicopter to JFK

Totally cool!  A first-hand review of taking a helicopter to JFK.

How about a theme park of Gotham City and Bedrock?  My son already has his bags packed.

Some really cool new hotels are now part of Leading Hotels of The World

Man sues airline for sitting him in between two obese passenger, even though he may have been in a window seat???

You can now book holiday flights on Southwest.

Over 10,000 bonus miles for Mother’s Day shopping.

British Airways says no to unaccompanied minors.

China’s largest commercial jet plane takes to the skies for its first flight.

Here’s a list of all the countries that require a Visa if you’re a US citizen.

Free dinner at Sydney airport before you fly.

Secret way how to skip long security lines at LAX.

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