Delta’s Flights Are Grounded, Becomes The Latest Airline To Have a System Failure

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Update: Twitter updates show some flights boarding but Delta still reporting that they are experiencing difficulties. Be sure to check your flight status!

Information is sketchy right now, but it appears that Delta has grounded all of their flights.  I haven’t been able to find an official statement yet, but Delta and others are confirming it on Twitter:

It was just last week that United had to ground all their domestic flights for about 2 hours.  It was around the same time of the evening and caused some issues with morning commutes.  Interestingly, it was also on a Sunday night leading into the busy Monday morning commute for business travelers.

Delta no longer has an interline agreement with American Airlines.  That means that if the disruption continues, Delta passengers will have less options to get where they’re going on time.  That’s bad for travelers, but Delta doesn’t seem to mind.

If you’re traveling in the morning, make sure to check your flights carefully.  Don’t just rely on Delta’s website/app.  Check the FAA’s website and use apps like FlightTrack for more info.

I’ll do my best to update this post through the evening with more information as it comes out.

Same as United’s outage last Sunday, I’m glad not to be flying Delta tomorrow.

Good luck out there!

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