Most Delta Flights Still Grounded. If You’re Flying Delta Monday, Find A Backup Plan

I wrote earlier this evening about a technical issue Delta was having.  It was preventing Delta from allowing any flights to take off, though flights in the air weren’t affected.  At the time, we really weren’t sure how long the issue would last.  3 hours later, it’s starting to look like a long haul at some pretty major airports.

Lots of information floating around right now, but not much in the way of official statements.  This is shaping up to be worse than United’s outage last week.  While I heard some reports of disruptions the following morning, I didn’t see widespread carnage.

If hubs like ATL, JFK, DTW and LAX keep planes on the ground until early tomorrow morning, it’s going to be a royal mess.  If flights can’t get to where they need to be tonight, it means that crews may not be able to fly tomorrow.

If you need to be somewhere tomorrow, start figuring out your backup plan.  These are the sorts of times where miles or points might save the day.  Burning points might be a less painful option than trying to buy a last-minute plane ticket.

Good luck to all those flying Delta tonight and tomorrow.

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