Cheap Flights To South America! Machu Picchu For Less Than $500

Machu Picchu is high on my list of places I want to visit.  Right now, there are $440 fares to Lima, Peru.  It’s a short flight to Cuzco from Lima.  As The Flight Deal notes, you can use as little as 4,500 British Airways Avios to cover that.

Machu Picchu

The other nice thing about this fare is that it covers Dallas, San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Those are 3 easy cities to get to cheaply if you need to position yourself for a really good fare to South America.

The Final Two Pennies

Most people think of South America as far away.  And, it is.  But, Lima is actually closer to Dallas-Ft. Worth than Honolulu.  Hawaii is a beautiful place. I wrote about a sub-$600 fare to Hawaii

Just remember that there are plenty of awesome places to visit in South America as well.


  1. Dang! I keep booking too many vacations far in advance, so I rarely have enough vacation time left over for super cheap deals like this. Goal for 2018… leave at least 1 week of vacation for last-minute deals.

    1. Lee, I have to admit, I’m lucky to have a flexible work schedule at times. Not as often as I like, but accrued vacation thankfully isn’t my issue. It’s mobilizing the family of 4 with school and other commitments.

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