Hawaii Is On Sale! Cheap Flights To Honolulu

My father was just commenting on how he was upset he let $600 flights to Hawaii get away from him.  Hawaii was on sale last week and it’s back on sale again.  $600 fares are from Baltimore (BWI), which is a bit odd but a great airport for a couple of reasons:

  1. You can drive to BWI from a number of major metropolitan areas, including DC, Virginia, Maryland, Philadelphia and even New York (a touch over 3 hours driving, plus accessible by train).
  2. BWI is a Southwest hub which usually means you can fly there cheaply from someplace else.

The fares are valid for March on both United and American Airlines, so you might even be able to squeeze relatively cheap tickets for spring break this year.

Cheap Flights To Honolulu

The Final Two Pennies

If you can believe it, I’ve never been to Hawaii.  I’m not against Hawaii.  It’s just a long flight from the East Coast.  Since we can get to Europe quicker, we tend to explore there.  If we need warmth, we head to the Caribbean.

Hawaii, however, is a beautiful place.  We almost ended up there for spring break when we couldn’t figure out where to go.  Instead, we’ll be headed north for some skiing at Mont Tremblant.

Meanwhile, $600 is about the lowest we’ve been seeing for Hawaii these days from the East Coast.  I can recall lower fares, but not lately.  That’s a really good price for a popular destination.  My friend and fellow family travel blogger Mommy Points loves Hawaii.  So much so that she’s headed back again despite some potential concerns about how her kids will handle the long flight.

The Flight Deal really is the best in reporting on deals like this.  You can follow them on Twitter or check their site periodically throughout the day.  They’ve been the inspiration for many of my crazy trips.

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