West Coast To Iceland For Less Than $300 Round-Trip

The West Coast generally loses out on good deals to Europe. I get more than the occasional comment from readers wondering why they don’t see more good West Coast deals.  There just aren’t a ton.

This $280 round-trip fare to Iceland is a solid price.  WOW Air definitely gets some shade thrown its way because of all their fees.  But, that hides the fact that there are affordable ways to fly a low-cost carrier like WOW Air.  And, it’s probably more tolerable than you think.  You still do need to be careful of what you pack.

My friend Becky of Girl and the Globe talks about her experience, dispelling some myths.

And, more recently, Loyalty Traveler scored an even cheaper fare to Europe on WOW Air and managed to pack very efficiently.

I haven’t flown WOW Air yet, but I did take a 5 hour flight on Norwegian Air (a similar low-cost carrier).  I was perfectly fine in their seat.  I wouldn’t call it lap of luxury, but like Becky and Ric, I survived just fine.  It didn’t hurt that my trip to Martinique cost less than $100 in airfare.

The Final Two Pennies

Iceland is a beautiful country.  While WOW Air offers some really low fares to Europe, it’s Iceland that continues to draw my attention.  It’s worth a serious look when you’re planning your next trip.


There hasn’t quite as much competition on a lot of the routes to Iceland and Europe from the West Coast, but that’s starting to change.  It’s really good to see a $280 fare to Iceland from the West Coast.  It’s especially good that these fares are coming a while after WOW Air already launched their intro fares.

Let’s hope they’re here to stay!

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