The Best $15 You Can Spend At Disney World

Disney World is a pricey trip for any family, but it’s a fabulous way to create lifetime memories.  If you’re trying to see everything Disney has to offer, it can be a daunting task.  There’s a lot of ground to cover, but Disney appears to have made it much easier, for not that much cash.

According to Disney Lists, Disney World has introduced a new way for folks on Park Hopper passes to get to other parks much more quickly.

What’s a Park Hopper pass?  A “normal” Disney ticket entitles you access to one of the four parks for the day (or multiple days).  Adding the Park Hopper feature means you can switch parks throughout the day.  But, switching parks can be time-consuming.  You need to get to the front of the park, find the correct bus stop, wait for the bus, ride to the next park and clear security again.

Disney World

For $15 a day (or $24 for a multi-day trip), you can have access to Express buses to move you from inside the park to another park.  That means you don’t have to clear security again.  And, depending on where the bus stops are inside the park, it could cut off a lot of time.  Considering the fact that a day at Disney World will likely set you back $100 a person, time is real money.  To add this to your tickets, visit any guest services counter in the parks.

More Details To Come

This is totally worth it for the price.  I need to figure out exactly where the bus stops are inside the parks.  That’s the real key to understand how much time you can save.  But, this should definitely be on your radar. Getting from the Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom can easily tie up an hour of wasted time.  This has the potential to trim that significantly.


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  1. WDWNT has you covered…

    The Magic Kingdom – Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin exit area
    Epcot – East of Spaceship Earth
    Disney’s Hollywood Studios – adjacent to Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster Courtyard
    Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Near Kilimanjaro Safaris entrance

    So nothing really central, but would still be a time-saver. The fact that it’s per person makes it a little pricier, depending on the number of folks in your group, but the multi-day could be a better value if you’re there at least a few days.

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