Marriott And Starwood Now Have Free (Limited) Access To Extra Legroom On Delta

Marriott and Starwood elite members continue to get incremental benefits from some of the largest US airlines.  3 years ago, Marriott elites received benefits with United Airlines.  Top-tier Marriott elites received Silver status with United Airlines.

Just a couple of months ago Marriott and Starwood announced the ability for their elite members to status match between the two programs.  That meant SPG elite members could now enjoy those United benefits.  SPG folks already had access to some benefits with Delta, mostly double-dip opportunities on mileage/points earning.  Upgrades are a part of that program, but I haven’t heard many reports of SPG elites earning free Delta upgrades.

Extra Legroom

Now we learn that Delta is adding upgrades to Comfort+ seats to the list of benefits SPG elites receive.  That means free extra legroom seats and complimentary alcoholic beverages.  I’m not a Delta guy, so I don’t know how often seats in Comfort+ are available on day of departure.  That’s when SPG members have to wait until for a complimentary upgrade.  Most of the Economy Plus seats on United Airlines are gone on the day of departure when I fly.

The Final Two Pennies

I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.  SPG and Marriott elite members have access to a decent list of benefits between Delta and United.  The addition of the Comfort+ upgrades on Delta is a nice win.  It’s a step further than United’s Economy Plus since they offer free drinks and snacks.

Don’t expect to earn a ton of Comfort+ upgrades.  I’m sure Delta is working hard to sell as many of those seats as they can.  I don’t know how things will look when the dust settles on the Marriott/Starwood merger.  Maybe one of these airline partnerships goes away.  Make sure you’re taking advantage of these benefits while you can.

Thanks to Renes Points for “pointing” this out.

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