The Widest Great Fare Sale To Europe I’ve Seen In A While

It seems like cheap tickets to Europe are popping up every week nowadays. The interesting thing about this fare sale is the sheer number of departure cities. Usually the sales are for 2 or 3 departure cities at the most. And it’s usually the same list of 8 or 10 departure cities.

Today’s sale pretty much doesn’t include typical Delta hub cities. So, travelers in places like Detroit, Cincinnati, Atlanta and Minneapolis won’t find joy here.

But, plenty of other folks will. As The Flight Deal notes, even small cities like Des Moines and Knoxville get low fares.  Think Las Vegas, Denver, Kansas City, Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego and plenty more.

The fares are $400-ish to Barcelona and Madrid, and a few bucks higher for secondary cities in Spain.  But if you’re just thinking about Spain, you’re not thinking the right way. Don’t get me wrong, we loved Barcelona. It remains one of my favorite cities.

However, there are plenty of ultra-cheap carriers in Europe to take you wherever you want to go. We’ve taken Blu Express from Rome to Sicily twice, both times paying less than $30 a ticket.

I found these fares available throughout the spring. On top of that, Mommy Points searched additional cities and found summer availability.


Don’t wait. I’m guessing there’s only a handful of seats from each city. These sales typically don’t last long. I’d expect inventory to dry up quickly.

Happy hunting!



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