Cheap Flights to Paris, 500 Bonus AAdvantage Miles And A New Hyatt In Hawaii

Here’s what I’m reading about in the world of miles and points:

Cheap Flights of the Day: 

Paris is on sale today for just over $400 on American Airlines.  That means you can get a solid fare to Europe and earn credit to elite status.

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Alaska Airlines is offering status matches from a variety of different airlines

500 bonus AAdvantage miles for spending $200 through their shopping portal

A good source to generate miles while paying your rent is dying.  This really isn’t that surprising.

Amazon Prime members get a free 6-month membership to the Washington Post.  Just in case you’re wondering, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, owns the Washington Post (as an individual).

Quadruple miles from Emirates for Hyatt stays in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Will 3 hour flights from New York to London be a reality anytime soon?  I still don’t think so, at least not in any sort of volume.  The world is changing.  I don’t see a route like New York-London needing tons more capacity in the future.  You could argue it might be less with teleconferencing and other video options becoming more mainstream.  There will always be certain businesses that require those sort of trips where quicker will definitely equal more money, but that group is not likely to grow.

Hyatt is opening up another property in Hawaii.  That’s great news for people looking to redeem their points in dream destinations.

And, to a lesser degree, Hyatt just opened a new hotel in Celaya, Mexico.  This isn’t a resort destination, but it was interesting to me in that I don’t often see a hotel in a place I hadn’t heard of.  I now know that Celaya is just over 3 hours Northwest of Mexico City.

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