25% Discount On The Best (And Most Expensive) Way To Do Disney World

My family loves traveling the world.  But there are some trips closer to home that mean enough to us, we need to keep going back.  Disney World is one of those places for us.

Disney World

Minne and Pluto At Epcot Flower & Garden Festival

Disney World

Buzz and Woody With Charlie at Pixar Place

When we first started taking our daughter 6 years ago, we discovered the VIP guide service.  Back then, it was just expensive.  Now, its obscenely expensive.  But, it’s every kid’s dream.

Think of front-of-the-line access to every ride.  Great viewing spots for the parades.  Front-row seats for all the shows.  It’s unbelievable, but mostly grown out of our price range.

There’s a separate page on the Disney World site dedicated to the VIP program if you’re interested.

For those that might be thinking about how to afford it, there is a discount out there right now, but only for Disney Vacation Club members.  We happen to be DVC members, have been for about 6 years.  We love it.  I was told about it by a friend of mine who’s worked at Disney for quite some time.

I found a link online that was working at one point, but seems to be wonky.  At any rate, if any DVC members are interested in the discount, I’m happy to help put you in touch with someone.

Disney World

I highly recommend the VIP tour guides if you can afford it.  My kids have thoroughly enjoyed making their father the warthog numerous times sitting front row at the Lion King show.  And, no, I will not be releasing pictures or video of that.  😛

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  1. A good way to get a slight taste of the VIP life is the VIP group tours they offer. We did the Thrills VIP tour and it was $299/pp w/ a 15% discount for Annual pass holders & DVC. It was about 8 hours and included lunch. It basically gets you fastpass access to all the major rides at 3 parks. They also have one for the little kids that hit the main rides at MK. Unlike the private tours, you got at the pace of the group. But we did it over Labor day weekend and it was great.

    If you have a large group of 9 or 10 it might make sense to explore the private tour, but if you are group or 2 or 3 the VIP group tours are much cheaper and a good option.

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