Save At Least 6% On Marriott Bookings (Likely Limited Time)

Now that Marriott and SPG have completed their merger, I’m starting to pay more attention to the Marriott program.  If you’re an elite member of either Marriott/Ritz or SPG’s loyalty program, here’s a brief reminder that you should link those accounts to start enjoying benefits across both programs.

Part of paying attention to Marriott means finding ways to leverage the program and save money.  SPG didn’t usually have easy ways to leverage/save money.  But Marriott, a much larger program, frequently has discounted gift cards for sale through various channels and also has offers you can take advantage of to save money.

Right now, there’s a 6% rebate through eBates on all Marriott bookings.  You’ll need an eBates account to do so, but those are easy to sign-up for.  I’ve never made a hotel booking through eBates but I’ve asked a question in that thread about whether you’ll receive loyalty credit for these stays.  I suspect you will, but don’t have any firsthand experience.  Since the normal eBates discounts I’ve seen in the past  are 2.5% and top out at 5%, this is a smudge better of an offer than normal.  I found the offer by searching for Marriott on the eBates website.

Marriott Bookings

There’s a bunch of helpful information on page 1 of the thread on InsideFlyer that Marriott newbies might find useful on where to find the best discounts.  Marriott has been known to offer discounted gift cards at places like Costco.  Last year I wrote about an offer they had for Gaylord gift cards at 20% off face value which were actually Marriott gift cards in hiding (hoping that offer comes back again this year).

Combining/stacking various offers is a great way to save money on your hotel bookings, and something I’ll be experimenting with as I get more familiar with the Marriott program on a day-to-day basis.

Take a few minutes and save some cash on your Marriott bookings today!

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  1. I have never used Ebates but I can confirm from experience that TopCashBack (currently 5% for current members) has no impact on receving elite credit, benefits etc and I’ve never had a problem getting the cash back a few weeks later.

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