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Cheap Flights To Canada And Free Shoes (Though Not For My Wife)

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Here’s what I’m reading about in the world of miles and points:

Cheap Flights of the Day: 

Really cheap fares to Montreal.  I can’t recall where I saw fares under $200 round-trip.  And, because the fare is available through next summer, you can go for snow or summer.

Flights to Alaska are under $300 again as the “summer” season comes to an end.  You might not get to do see and do all Alaska has to offer in the offseason, but the pricing should be low enough again this year to contemplate a trip.

In Case You Missed It: 

A Quick Review Of The Movie “Sully”

Marriott completed their merger with Starwood last week.

And, promptly after completing the merger, Marriott and Starwood rolled out a bunch of announcements, including the ability to link your loyalty accounts and match your status.

After the dust settled from the merger, it appears that one hotel actually left the system right after the merger.

Club Carlson is joining the list of hotel chains offering member only discounts on rooms.

$15 free credit from Zappos just for downloading their app.  That’s nowhere near enough for my wife to buy a pair of shoes.

I watched the death of a European airline unfold yesterday via Twitter, except then it kinda didn’t happen.  Interesting stuff.

Delta’s new safety video should give you a good chuckle, especially if you used to be/still are a gamer and/or have any idea who Deltalina is.

Eel fried rice and an awesome hotel room?  One out of two ain’t bad!

Which airline seats do frequent fliers prefer most?

Is Hawaiian Airlines going to start flying to London?  There are some used A380s getting ready to come on the market from Singapore that they could snag, I guess.

Interesting.  Is it a good value to use your SPG points to score a Southwest companion pass?

Uh, money-saving tip of the day? “Well I recommend going with a guy. They’re cheaper, and they actually do a better job. Just close your eyes when they finish, and you won’t even know it’s a guy. It’s not like it’s romantic.”

Uber is now selling gift cards.  I like it!  Surprised it took this long given that they have really good tech.

I still haven’t quite figured why, but JetBlue is launching LAX-MCO service.  I’m guessing they think they can fill the plane, but there’s already a ton of competition on this route.  Great opportunity for people to fly cheaply between the two cities.

Featured image of the day is of the beach in HaadRin, Koh Phangan, Thailand.

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