This Hotel Doesn’t Change The Sheets After You Check Out. They’re Not The Only One

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It should come as no surprise to you that hotel employees make mistakes.  Employees in all walks of life make mistakes.  And, there’s definitely a chunk of people who are lazy/malicious.  I can recall a TV special a number of years ago where they showed hidden camera footage of housekeeping staff cleaning the drinking glasses in the rooms with things like window cleaner and toilet brushes.

Change Sheets

But, yeah.  Not changing the sheets between guests comes as a bit of surprise to me.

There I was just reading Twitter, minding my business, having a perfectly nice day.  Then, I saw a Tweet from fellow blogger Chris McGinnis, who writes the Travel Skills blog.  Okay, so nothing good can come from a Tweet like this:

Change Sheets

Of course, I clicked on the link to the Inside Edition article. And, felt a little bit better I hadn’t stayed at this hotel:

At a Residence Inn by Marriott in New York City, Inside Edition used a harmless washable fluorescent paint to spray “I slept here” on the bottom sheet of the bed.

The paint is not visible to the naked eye. It can only be seen when a UV light is shined on the sheets.

We checked out — leaving the bed looking as though it had been slept in — and booked the same room for the following night under a different name. When the sheets were pulled back and a UV light was shined on the bed, the words “I slept here” were still there.

Now, it appears there are 4 Residence Inns in Manhattan, along with another in the Bronx.  So, it’s unclear which hotel this is specifically.

Change Sheets

I guess I could spend some time going through pictures of the various properties to try to figure out which one is the bad one.  But, I think I’ll stay blissfully unaware.  Well, until the TV special debuts on Tuesday that might reveal other properties in the same situation.

Thanks, Chris!  Just what I needed before lunch.

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  1. This just in: “Sales of washable fluorescent paint soaring …” Next time I’m out and about, I’m reclaiming the fluorescent flashlight i gave my niece to look for scorpions at night and using it to check out the sheets of every hotel bed I sleep in. Forget leaving notes at United Clubs for fellow forum members to see or signing pages of the American Airlines inflight magazine for others to read — sheet signs is the new thing among road warriors. Graffiti in the age of George Clooney / Up in the Air.

  2. Gordon Ramsey is quick to wipe out his black light on Hotel Hell. There are an increasing number of lazy and nasty folks working in the service sector.

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