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Hyatt Gold Passport Unveils New Website

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Hyatt Gold Passport is my favorite loyalty program for a number of reasons.  Their top elite status level, Diamond, provides a great suite of benefits.  Diamond suite upgrades are a great benefit our family uses every year.  And, the chain has some fabulous properties in great places like Paris, Sydney and more.

What hasn’t been a strength is their technology.  It wasn’t until recently that they finally made points & cash reservations available online.  And, there have been plenty of glitches over the years getting points to post correctly.  Maybe that’s all about to change.

This morning Hyatt gave Goldpassport.com a facelift.  A quick spin through shows that it’s more organized and definitely more visually pleasing.  There are a couple of new features that I think are notable for members:


Hyatt Gold Passport

There’s a list of your most recent stays in case you frequently rebook the same hotels.  The old website used to have the ability to save “favorite hotels” but it was a bit clunkier.  I like having the list available right where you’d book a new reservation, though I’d still prefer to be able to customize it.

Detailed Award Search

This is where I see a ton of value for occasional members who aren’t experts on Hyatt’s footprint.  They’ve expanded exponentially the different ways that you can search for awards.

Hyatt Gold Passport

Hyatt Gold Passport

By being able to set how many points you want to spend, which categories, brands and other amenities are important, the new search feature gives you tons of ability to search across the entire Hyatt portfolio as opposed to much narrower (state-by-state, for example, which was primarily what you needed to do with the old website).  There was some functionality in the previous site to search broadly by interest (searching for family vacations, for example), but you couldn’t condition it with category, brand or points.

More Changes To Come?

There may be a few glitches hanging around the new website, but they seem to smell of more changes coming.  A few people have reported this morning that their progress towards status for this year is showing as progress toward lifetime status.  I’ve already qualified for Diamond this year, so mine has no such label.  And, while I don’t think there’s an immediate change to lifetime status requirements, I suspect change is coming down the pike.  We’ll have to wait and see.  For now, we’ve got a more functional website with better ability to search for the things we want most, where to spend our points!

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  1. Another issue I had recently was booking a room with my annual free night and the certificate not posting back to my account when I cancelled. That was a couple of weeks ago. At the time, I was told it was a system issue and that they would note it on my account, and when I was ready to reuse it I would have to contact them and they would book the free night for me, but that they were working on fixing this issue. Coincidentally their concierge team followed up with me yesterday and told me the issue was fixed and the free night was back on my account. So it appears this was a big problem with their old site that has been corrected with this update.

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