Hyatt Points + Cash Rates Starting to Show Up Online 

Just before going to sleep last night, I saw this tweet from the Wandering Aramean.

Hyatt Points + Cash

After two nights of “less than perfect” sleep due to restless children, I decided to hold this one until 6am and check it out while I was getting our kids ready for school. No joy on the first property I checked, but lo and behold, there it was on property #2!  The properties look the same on the main search screen, so you need to click on each one to see if points & cash are available.

Hyatt Points + Cash

Once you click on a property, make sure you have the radio button in the top left selected for “Show Hyatt Gold Passport Points & Awards”.  And, voila!  Hyatt Points + Cash rates:

Hyatt Points + Cash

Hyatt Points + Cash

Jeff Zidell, the senior VP of Hyatt Gold Passport, told us we would likely see this in the 4th quarter of the year in a live chat a couple of months ago.  He said it might fall into next year, but it looks like it’s deployed now!

This will certainly give us more visibility into what properties are actually offering Points + Cash rates.  That discussion came up a couple of months ago as well when I posed the question “Why Can’t You Find Points + Cash Availability?”  I spent a bit of time looking around this morning.  While I did find some availability here and there throughout the US, I wasn’t able to find any P+C availability when checking random dates in Paris.  Given that you need to search each property individually and by date, it still may be quicker to call than searching online if you have a lot of destination or date flexibility.

Here’s a chart of how many points and how much cash it will cost to redeem points + cash awards (courtesy of View From The Wing who posted this back in 2013 when Hyatt announced P+C):

Hyatt Points + Cash

He also has the scoop this morning that this new update also covers booking some upgrades online, which is equally good news.

Leveraging your miles and points to get the most out of them is an important part of the game.  Redemptions like points + cash can really stretch your ability to stay at top properties like Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome.  They’re a great way to turn a little bit of points into a lot of luxurious vacation!

As I mentioned to Seth in reply to his tweet, you should be able to find information like this in his hotel award search tool Hotel Hustle soon.

Happy hunting!


  1. Awesome! I suppose the rollout is already completed? So assume that if it doesn’t show for a property it is not available?
    IMO, I’d never pay C&P for a Cat 7 like the PHV or PHT unless I need a suite. Not worth paying $300 out of pocket to save 15k points.

    1. FTG, not sure if it’s “done”. I’ll try to find out. Cat 7 P&C can be good for those folks who want to stay at a PHV or PHT but don’t have enough points for their entire desired stay. So, that may be the only way they get to stay.

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