5,000 Bonus AAdvantage Miles Just For Holiday Shopping!

American Airlines actually has a real shopping promotion this year.  After lackluster promotions the last couple of years, this year’s holiday bonus looks like it affords you the opportunity to earn up to 5,000 bonus miles.


It’s in a restricted preview phase through the end of today where those invited can earn extra miles, but the T&C seem to indicate it should be more widely available tomorrow.  Here are the tiers:

  • Spend at least $150 and earn 450 miles
  • Spend at least $550 and earn 2,000 miles
  • Spend at least $1200 and earn 5,000 miles

You can only qualify for one tier, the highest amount of spend you achieve between now and November 26, 2015.

I took a quick peek back and don’t see any AAdvantage holiday promos this lucrative in the past couple of years.  $1200 may seem like a lot, but only if you focus on holiday spending.  There are plenty of merchants to buy everyday items from.  And, if you’re close to a tier, it may be time to stock up on some items.  Example?  We have a humidifier we bought at Sears a number of years ago.  I can buy their filters online and pick them up in the store (if shipping isn’t free).  A couple extra filters on the shelf won’t go bad, but might help you score extra miles.

And, if AAdvantage miles aren’t your thing, Mommy Points has the scoop on a United Airlines promo I haven’t been tagged for that looks like it could be pretty lucrative.

Happy Shopping!

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