TSA PreCheck Expanding To Two More Domestic Airlines

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TSA PreCheck really is a necessity for business travelers.  And, given the relatively low-cost of Global Entry (which essentially gives you PreCheck as well), it’s a fit for many people who travel less frequently.

When you consider that various credit cards from American Express and Citibank, including both business and personal version of some American Express cards, will cover the $100 fee for Global Entry, there’s not a lot of reason to put off enrolling.

The only annoyance is when you don’t have access to a PreCheck line.  That can come from visiting certain airports outside of the operating hours for the TSA PreCheck line, and also flying on an airline who doesn’t participate in the PreCheck program.  The airlines have certain pieces of information they need to provide to the TSA for them to recognize your enrollment in the program when you’re flying.  While the bigger carriers have been a part of PreCheck for quite some time, even inviting their elite members to be included during a very extended beta period, the low-cost carriers have typically shied away from spending the money necessary.

The list of airlines who don’t participate continues to shrink, especially with the recent news that Frontier and Spirit look like the next two airlines to jump in.

Now, I’ve never flown Frontier, but I have ventured on to Spirit to save my company about $400 on a recent trip. While it was well worth it, the value proposition there is reduced if I’m stuck in a 2-hour security line.  With security lines reaching mythic proportions this summer, I’m not sure I would book Spirit again for an early morning flight given the time I’d feel comfortable waking up to guarantee I could get through security in time.

TSA PreCheck

There’s no hard timelines for Frontier and Spirit to begin participation, though Frontier says they hope to have this done by August.

I really didn’t have a big problem flying on Spirit and would consider it again for a big enough discount. That decision would be made considerably easier with the addition of TSA PreCheck as well.

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  1. Flew to Atlanta about two weeks ago On Frontier. The PreCheck line at Hartfield-Jackson was long that morning. Adding those two ‘bargain’ airlines, oh well. Being really cheap and using Megabus and Amtrak, I’m still upset.

    1. Kevin, FWIW, I find even when the PreCheck line is long it usually moves at a pretty good clip. I’m also cautiously optimistic since they just added a complete additional set of screening equipment for the PreCheck lines at my home airport of IAD and at DEN, where I travel frequently. Hoping that trend continues at other airports.

  2. When I fly on Spirit out of DFW the security line usually isn’t the problem; it’s the line at the counter to check bags.

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