Cheap Flights To Europe, $100 Off A Hotel Booking And Free Sports & Concert Tickets?

Here’s what I’m reading about today in the world of travel:

Cheap Flights of the Day: $550 tickets to China.  If you’re able to travel on the 4th of July, here’s a 50% off coupon for US travel.  And, sub-$500 flights to Europe just won’t due.

  In Case You Missed It: 500 free miles from United Airlines, pretty easy to get (though not as easy as these 500 free Marriott Rewards points).

$100 off a 3-night hotel booking.

Check your Ticketmaster account.  You might have some free tickets!

My home airport of Washington-Dulles gets a bad rap from many (looking at you, View From the Wing).  Sure, the C/D concourse is dumpy.  But, it actually has a lot going for it.  The A and B concourses are actually quite nice.  And, as Matthew notes in this post from last week, it’s actually an easy airport to connect in.  Don’t hate on IAD.

Leaving an angel in the air.

A thorough review on JAL coach.  This is about 3 hours longer in coach than I like.

1,000 bonus miles for shopping on the United MileagePlus shopping portal.

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  1. Frontier Airlines use to fly STL – DCA and I flew the route once. While getting from the Denver Airport to the city is a ripoff @ $14, the Dulles bus to a VA metro station cost $7, plus the WMATA charge to ride the Metro into D.C. Given what I read recently, building the west end of the Silver Line out to Dulles will probably be delay.

    1. Kevin, I actually think they’ll open the Silver line to IAD earlier than residents of the area expect (when hell freezes over). At least you have Uber as an option at IAD along with the bus until the Silver line extension is done.

  2. Edward, it seems like the “cheap” fares are almost always in coach/economy. We are looking at going to Europe in August or September and would love to get a good deal on air fares, but we want to travel in coach or first. Is there an easy way to identify potentially attractive fares in business and/or first? thanks!

    1. Dan, I feel your pain. I’m not much for redeye flights to Europe in coach. Mistake fares happen much more frequently for coach than business. But, business class fare sales do happen. Usually only a half dozen to a dozen times a year do I see really great opportunities, and they go QUICK. The big key there is not to focus on the city pairs (NY to Paris, for example) but on the continents. Getting overseas cheaply in business class is obviously the hardest part. Using trains or low-cost carriers in Europe can get you from the cheap destination to where you actually want to go.

      Finding one for this August is going to be tough, though, as you really want to give yourself more time. That being said, I’ll keep an eye out. Depending on where you’re located, I’ve seen some pretty cheap fares on TAP Portugal’s new service to BOS and JFK.

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