This Is A Test, Says Hyatt About My Hyatt Rate

I reached out late last night to someone at Hyatt to figure out if the “My Hyatt Rate” prices I was seeing on the website were part of an existing sale or something new.

Turns out the rate is not just a sale.  My contact at Hyatt told me that this actually a test.  In a few select markets they are testing rates up to 15% cheaper for Hyatt Gold Passport members made through  There’s no indication whether the test will become something more permanent, but it’s great to see Hyatt continuing to explore these possibilities.

It also reiterates that you should be checking the hotel chain’s website instead of just relying on an online travel agency such as Expedia.  It doesn’t take much longer to check more than one source to make sure you’re getting the best rate.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep hoping we see more of this on

My Hyatt Rate


  1. Well, I sure hope it’s permanent, but I doubt it. They tried a 20% off My Hyatt Rate for elites a couple of years ago, and cancelled it.

    15% is actually a pretty minimal offering to elites, considering that I can get 10% off with my AAA card already.

    1. Joseph, these rates are up to 15% (I saw some at 10%, though didn’t see any at 5%). And, from what I can see, they’re off the lowest published rates, so may be less than AAA. At any rate, glad to see them still exploring…

  2. Too bad the 5% Open discount for Hyatt via Amex is going away, too, not much, but it added up when you stacked all this together

  3. detected that IHG was doing something similar last week, with advance rates showing up for IHG club members that were lower than the “best available” (ie public) rates…. (and often time even better than for AAA or AARP rates) Recall they were non-refundable too — non-starter for me, yet interesting.

    1. Will, I hadn’t heard that IHG was testing something similar, but not surprising. I guess the only surprising part is that it took the hotel chains this long to realize they needed to take control back over their bookings.

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