Is Hyatt’s “My Elite Rate” Back For A Limited Time?

My Elite Rate was a solid benefit Hyatt rolled out last year that gave elite members a discount of up to 15% off the published rates of a wide variety of hotels.  It was phased out for 2015, but it looks like it might be back in some form:

Elite Rate

As indicated in this InsideFlyer thread, I was able to find rates at a number of Chicago hotels, all discounted either 10% or 15%.  Oddly, I can’t find it in a number of other big cities like San Francisco, Dallas or New York.  I do see these discounts available as far out as February, but they do seem to be isolated.  Is Hyatt reacting to overtures by both SPG and Hilton to offer discounts when booking on their website?  Or, is this something completely different?  I’ve reached out to Hyatt to try to get further confirmation.



  1. No, this is a promo they have been running since the summer. It is a discount at hotels in Chicago, Hawaii, Orlando, Phoenix, San Diego and Washington DC. Some pretty good prices at many locations! It runs through March 31, 2016.

        1. Charlie, totally okay (and helpful for readers) to include the link. I did reach out to Hyatt for more info. Maybe they’ll shed some light on it. Thanks for digging that up!

  2. Actually, it seems as if they may have added Chicago as I am not sure if I recall that being included in the original sale. Not sure when that may have been added.

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