Cheap Business Class Fares To London, Qantas Status Match And More Travel News

$1,000 business class fares from NY to London on La Compagnie.  They’re not the newest seats but they sure beat coach by a country mile.

Free American Airlines Club Access With Qantas Status Match.  HT: View From The Wing

Seth adds more functionality to one of my favorite new travel tools, Hotel Hustle.

JetBlue adds seasonal flights from DCA to Nantucket. HT: newscience on Milepoint.

10 Cool Freebies on  Your Birthday.

Delta has announced a 2,500 mile guarantee if they deliver your checked bag more than 20 minutes after your flight lands.  This is a page out of Alaska Airlines’ book, which Delta has been doing a lot of lately.  But, since Delta actually runs a pretty good operation, it also makes sense independent of that competition.  Why not give customers more confidence, especially if they can consistently deliver on this (the biggest question)?

Forbes weighs in on the United MileagePlus changes. HT: chitownflyer on Milepoint.

Which leads to the question of, would you trust Delta enough with your suitcase to try and earn 2,500 miles when they’re late?

And, finally, the saddest and happiest post of the week for me.  It made me think about how much our dog is part of our family.  And, how much I’ll cry like a baby when she no longer is.




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