A Second FREE Ticket To The San Diego Frequent Traveler University March 6th-8th!

ETA:  Winner selected in the comments!  Thanks for everyone who participated.

Apparently, giving away tickets to the advanced session of Frequent Traveler University is a popular thing this week.  I’ve had another friend ask me to give their ticket away.  While they can’t make it to the Frequent Traveler University in San Diego March 6th-8th, you can win their ticket!  This may sound a bit cheesy, but it’s pretty cool to see folks helping a fellow mile junkie out.

My first giveaway ends tomorrow night.  I’ll go ahead and draw this second winner on Monday.  Feel free to comment here for the second ticket.  No specific restrictions on number of times per day you can enter, just don’t spam the thread like crazy.

You can see the speakers and more information on the event here.  These tickets go for $249 a piece and all the advanced events have sold out in less than 24 hours.  One of my readers, a frequent contributor on Milepoint who asked to remain anonymous, is giving you the opportunity to go for free.  You’ll get the chance to spend a couple of days listening to pros like:

Good luck!


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  1. I didn’t buy a ticket for San Diego and have a conflict for Dallas, so if there’s a free ticket available, I’d like to try to attend.


  2. I’ve been trying to get tickets to an FTU advanced for years but they either sell out too fast or I just don’t have the cash. This would be amazing

  3. I held off on booking as I thought I’d still be an expat living in Qatar at the time, but now I’m back in the States and wanting to catch up with all that I’ve missed while gone.

    1. Michael, congrats! Random.org selected you as the second winner. Shoot me an e-mail at ed -at- milepoint dot com and I’ll get you all taken care of. Thanks to everyone who reads the blog!

  4. It has been a (very) long year and a half away from credit cards in preparation for a new house. Now that the contract is in and the mortgage is in motion, I’m desperately anxious to learn some new information to get back in the game.

  5. I’m like a sponge! Totally pumped to listen to the FTU professors! Live in San Diego too so it’ll be a cinch to head over. Thanks!!

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