ACT QUICKLY! Award Seats To/From Europe With No Fuel Surcharges

ETA:  I put a few of these on hold and even though they show a Business Saver award, the cabin says “Economy”.  Beware before ticketing.  Not sure how this will work out.

The toughest part about getting to and from Europe as an American Airlines elite member who lives on the east coast is fuel surcharges on British Airways.  There’s reasonable availability for business class travel for my family, but the fuel surcharges make it much more expensive.  That’s the positive and negative of oneworld availability.

US Airways has flights to a small group of European cities (AMS, BRU, FRA, LHR, MAN, MAD, MUC, FCO, DUB for the most part) from places like PHL and CLT. These flights may not have the same quality service as British Airways or the catering of American, but they have no fuel surcharges.

View From The Wing dropped the bomb about an hour ago that there’s a glitch creating lots of availability right now.

Apologies for not sending a note out right away.  It took me a few minutes to see his post, then I started verifying that availability was there.  As I got deeper into looking at flights, I stopped and hammered out this post quickly for those still awake this evening.


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