Up to 2,000 Bonus Miles On The AAdvantage Shopping Portal

Another decent bonus opportunity for bonus miles from the American Airlines AAdvantage shopping portal.

BonusThrough October 16th, 2014, earn:

500 miles for $100 in spending

1,000 miles for $300 in spending

2,000 miles for $500 in spending

Gone are the days where you could buy a bunch of gift cards to rack up spending on shopping portals, but there are still a litany of things you can buy online.  The AAdvantage shopping portal has hundreds of vendors, including Groupon, Apple, Staples, Nordstrom, Gap, Toys R Us, and Walmart.  There’s a whole slew of vendors you may not have heard of, like Discount Tire, Heater-Home.com, Younkers and YOOK.com.  And, for the basics, you can usually find affordable items at Drugstore.com.

Bottom line, it may not be easy to spend $500 in the next 10 days but you likely have $100 in household, gift or business spend.  Why not earn 500 miles for it?



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