Would You Trade In An Awesome International Trip For Power Tools? Things I Find Interesting On Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

Jeanne from Heels First Travel has gone stark raving mad and wants a circular saw instead of traveling the world.  Please save her.

United is offering 1,000 bonus miles if you spend $250 at their shopping portal over the next 10 days.

Free flights to Beijing!  All you have to do is originate in North Korea.

The Wandering Aramean spells out how Delta and American Airlines may be screwing you on fares.

You can get a free $15 Amazon gift card with the purchase of $50 worth of household essentials.  Most people can do that pretty easily, especially with Amazon Prime.

HiltonHHonors Gold status for sale on eBay.  Caveat emptor!

Jeanne from Heels First Travel has gone stark raving mad and wants a circular saw instead of traveling the world.  Please save her.


  1. I’m no expert on cost effective use of miles/points. Let’s make that clear from the top. That said, I’ve never seen a case in which purchasing hard goods with miles/points is a good move. The most simple reason is that most (hard goods) offered for miles/points or combinations with cash, are already waaaay overpriced. If Ms. Heels is in serious need of a circular saw, I’d suggest that she visit a good hardware, tool or home improvement store (or even Amazon, if she already knows what make/model she wants) and pay cash. In the unlikely event that she simply has more miles/points than she can use, she is always welcome to transfer a few hundred thousand to my account (I’ll gladly reimburse any transfer fees.) IMO, purchasing hard goods with miles/points is just plain silly.

    1. I think Ms. Heels actually plans to buy the circular saw with money, not points, and then spend time figuring out more fun things to do with it. But, you’re right. In almost all cases merchandise is a bad value for points, unless you don’t have enough to redeem for a trip.

    2. Pizza is quite right. I would never use points on circular saws! I just want to build things with it on the weekends rather than fly on mileage runs.

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